Ahs Contract Policies

AHs Contract Policies: What You Need to Know

American Home Shield (AHS) is one of the leading home warranty providers in the US. They offer various home warranties that cover common home appliances and systems. If you`re planning to purchase an AHS home warranty, it`s essential to know their contract policies. This article will guide you through AHS contract policies and what you need to know.

Types of Contracts

AHS offers two types of contracts: systems plans and combo plans. The systems plan covers essential home systems such as heating, plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning. The combo plan includes all the systems covered under the systems plan plus appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, and washer.

Contract Length

AHS contracts have a one-year term. The contract automatically renews unless you cancel it. If you need to cancel the contract, you can do so at any time. However, if you cancel the contract after 30 days, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Service Fee

AHS charges a service fee for each service call. The fee ranges from $75 to $125, depending on the plan you choose. You pay the service fee when you request service, and this fee is not refundable.

Coverage Limitations

AHS contracts have limitations on coverage. For instance, they won`t cover pre-existing conditions, code violations, and manufacturer defects. They also won`t cover damages arising from misuse, abuse, or neglect. Moreover, AHS has a dollar limit on repairs or replacements. If the cost of repair or replacement exceeds this limit, you have to pay for the extra cost.

Requesting Service

To request service, you have to call AHS customer service or submit an online request. You have to provide information such as your contract number, the appliance or system that needs repair, and your availability. AHS will then assign a service provider to service your request.


AHS contracts automatically renew unless you cancel them. When your contract is up for renewal, AHS will send you a renewal notice. The notice will include the renewal fee and any changes in your coverage or service fee. If you don`t want to renew, you have to cancel the contract before the renewal date.

In conclusion, understanding AHS contract policies is crucial when purchasing an AHS home warranty. Make sure you read and understand the policy before signing up for their services. Knowing what`s covered and what`s not will help you make an informed decision and avoid unexpected expenses.

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